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TEXTS (2021) was a group show initiated by Mitch Thar. An excerpt by Alina Lupu: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I walked back down to the project space where Michelle Son and her works were waiting. Two works - one pre and one during corona times - bookending a year. Exercises in language and perception. Michelle was interested in experimenting with magnification lenses which were originally designed for light houses. Curious to see how they functioned and to understand how light is refracted through multiple layers of magnification, she produced casts of objects that surrounded her, specifically cosmetic and domestic objects like face creams, vitamin bottles, lichees, eggs and walnuts. Fragments of these objects were cast in transparent resin and dried flowers; building on a collection of pastel coloured “see-through” things. Some objects had objects inside of them. She then decided to build a vitrine lined with the magnification lenses, working to their given dimensions. “The moment I had placed the objects inside and took a step back, I experienced something that both startled and excited me at the same time. The inner world of the contained objects seemed to shape-shift like a playhouse of scale and form, possessing its own set of rules and complexity. A moment of phys-fi, a moment in which physics and fiction could exist,” she added. The vitrines induced blind spots, making objects not always visible from every angle. Based on your height, movement and positioning, the vitrines could play like a personal film, a nod to the early beginnings of cinema, projection and magic lanterns, a mental experience of enigmatic images. From a certain angle, putting one’s head in between the vitrines, the outside world flipped upside down. They were blown up slices of reality. A little bit of magic. Her other piece was of a different nature altogether, a return to language that forms part of her current ongoing project: “Study for a new alphabet” which started during the first lock down. This began as a collection of intuitively hand- draw glyphs, one of which was given attention to for the show. This resulted in a large-scale symbol attached to one of the windows in the space, making it visible from within and outside of the building. Illuminated by the natural light and time of day, slight pink and purple hues could be seen from certain angles. Michelle’s finger tips pressing down on the shape in her process of making were visible from up close. A symbol that expressed an alternative form of communication and connection. SOFTDELAY.NL