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coccyx uncurling (2021) ash wood, sponge and carpet leftovers, textiles coccyx uncurling (2021) is a series of constructed “seats” that invite the viewer to stretch out and untuck their tailbones. Situated in the the sun room of the Villa Mondriaan, the familial home of Piet Mondriaan as a young artist, these works developed as a persona exploration of function and fiction, feminist architecture, and of bodily temperaments. As part of the group show Jong en Veelbelovend, 10 artists present their individual works throughout the museum in response to their chosen artwork of young Mondriaan. coccyx uncurling (2021) is my response to “Gezicht op de Jacobskerk” (1898-1899). The production of this project was made possible with support of the Villa Mondriaan and the Mondriaan Fonds. https://villamondriaan.nl/tentoonstellingen/jong-en-veelbelovend-ruimte-voor-talent/